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My name is Ma. Kathyrine Bautista and Id been here with the company for over a year now. I started working with Marcio Andrade as a Collection Specialist to one of his account I was helping the brand recover the unpaid fees for the funding. Then ┬álater on I was given a chance to handle the brand itself, then after 3-4 mos he let me handle again a new brand that help businesses build their credit. He gave me the overview of what he wants to happen, he had trained me on how the program works and I can say that he is very business minded person, very professional and treat his employees with respect. He valued our ideas and apply it for betterment of the account. He trust and encourage us on our work. One thing I’ve learned from him is to make sure that clients and brokers are always happy despite of any inconvenient. Also he is very hands on and make sure that everything happen and works well with our program. He wants update every now and then so we communicate via Skype and Whats App. I can say that even though its a home based or overseas job still he is very visible to us and I don’t see it as a problem. I will stay here in the company as long as they needed me.


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